English speaking nutritionist in Berlin

You live in Berlin and want to speak english with your nutritionist? I was born in Sweden, where the english language is very present in our everyday life, no dubbed films, tv or radio... I've been living in Berlin since 1997.


I'm a certified nutritionist working with a holistic approach, wich means I look at your food habits, but also how you can improve your health through other actions. I also offer consulting in vegan nutrition for athletes and fasting (health fasting, intermittent fasting and interval fasting).


I have together with my clients achieved the most impressive results with a plant-based diet, but my coaching will still benefit someone that doesn't want to give up animal foods completely. That said, if you're a carnivore and not willing to cut down even a bit of your animal consumption, you and I cannot work together. 


My clients seek my consultation due to various reasons. My consultation is very focused on your health. Even if you just want to lose weight, often other health issues needs to be addressed, so that you can keep a healthy weight, or even be able to lose any. The body is a fantastic and complex system and nutrition affects every part of it: weight, digestion, hormones, mood, energy level, skin, pain... You decide what you are and want to become, create the best environment for your body and mind!

Cost of nutrition consultation

Nutrition consultation

  • Initial consultation with summary + plan 85 € (max. 60 minutes)
  • Partner-coaching: Initial consultation with summary + plan 115 € (max. 90 minutes, the consultation usually takes a bit longer).
  • Follow up consultation 50 € (max. 60 min.).
  • Follow up consultation 30 € (max. 30 min. Only via skype or phone).

Sports nutrition consultation

  • Sports nutrition with summary + basic plan 85 € (max. 60 minutes).
  • additional plan for competition + 50€
  • Follow up consultation 50 € (max. 60 min.)
  • Follow up consultation 30 € (max. 30 min. Only via skype or phone). 

Fasting consultation

  • Fasting- & Nutrition with summary + plan 115 € (max. 90 minutes).
  • Fasting- & Nutrition with summary + plan + telephone support 150 € (max. 90 min.+ all together 60 min. telephone support during your fasting).
  • Follow up Consultation 50 € (max. 60 min.)
  • Follow up Consultation 30 € (max. 30 min. Only via skype or phone).

Other services

  • Grocery shopping guidance 50 € (60 min.)
  • Motivation coaching 50 € (60 min. Only as an additional service)

What does "summary + plan" means?

After our consultation I'll write you a summary of the most important topics of our talk, and structure my recommendations in a plan. I will send these information as a PDF document to your email address, so you'll have a good overview of my recommendations. The plan is not a recipe plan, it's a guide. 


My fee is payed in advance (bank transfer) or in cash at my practice. I only work with private clients, this means, if you have a doctors referral (Überweisung), the health insurance (Krankenkasse) will not cover any costs. 

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